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Original Newspaper From The Day You Were Born

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Travel back in time and experience history first-hand with this authentic national newspaper from your chosen bygone date.

This is a unique and treasured gift suitable for a landmark event such as a special birthday or wedding anniversary. What was making the news on the actual day of the birth or the wedding?

The Original Newspaper comes with a book and certificate of authenticity with a dedication panel for you to complete at home. The Book includes details on famous people born on that day, as well as significant news events that have occurred throughout history.

Wherever possible you will be sent a genuine copy of the Times from your chosen date. Should the Times be unavailable an alternate newspaper will be sent. These papers were originally archived by libraries which were not often open on Sunday and lacked the foresight to save Sunday papers, because of this, Sunday editions are rare and hard to supply. If your date is not available it will be automatically substituted for the closest date in stock.

Please note that these are original newspapers and whilst every effort has been made to maintain these in storage they may have age-related imperfections.

Dimensions: 23 x 32.5 x 0.3cms

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